Employee and Equipment Tracking

This database allows you to manage your equipment quickly and efficently. Keep track of where your property is and where it has been. There are several modules to this database that links employees to equipment, keeps track of employee education, emergency contacts as well as monitors your supplies. When supplies run low get an email notification to reorder.

Equipment Tracking / Employee Information / Supply Levels

All in one Solution

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    Store Employee Information

    Assign Equipment

    Monitor equipment Location

    Inspect Equipment

    Monitor Supplies

    Access from iPad

    See photos of Employee


    Assigned Property List

    See all the equipment assigned to an employee. Both serialized as well as non serialized equipment. Print a list of equipment assigned to the employee for accurate accountablility.

    Emergency contact information at the ready if needed. All employee information in one easy to use database.

    Supply List

    Use and iPad to search for your supplies by categories. Touch the picture to remove from inventory. Send an email notification when it is time to reorder. Supply List

    Supply Information

    Supply Information

    View the details of each item in your supply room. Set the reorder level. See who has removed items and how much. Manage your suplies effectively.