Evidence Pad

MTI Software Solutions is taking Evidence Tracking to the next level.  Our Police Evidence Tracking System (PETS) is compatible with Apple’s

iPad, iPhone and iTouch

With Evidence Pad you can:

Collect Evidence at the Crime Scene

Track movement of Evidence

Create Customized Reports

Query Property Information

Capture a Signature

Intergrate with your RMS

The Evidence program is a relational database that utilizes the strength of a network to spread the work to many.  It also has the capability to integrate with several RMS systems including Tiburon, RIMS and PsNet.    This allows for interaction between your RMS and our Evidence Tracking system.  It reduces redundancies and allows the property clerk more time to do what really needs to be done…purge.  Our client’s evidence rooms have become models of efficiency. Let us help you increase your effectiveness and reliability.

    Have access to your entire Database Anywhere!